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“Mac/Linux beta”
发布日期 July 23, 2015[1]
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这次 版本更新是对泰拉瑞亚的 Mac 和 Linux 平台版本的公开测试。它不包含游戏内容的变化,只对游戏引擎进行修改以兼容 Mac 和 Linux 系统。所以,这个版本没有正式的更新日志。 was an optional update while still in development, requiring players to opt in before it would be installed. The beta was distributed through Steam's beta functionality; as such, only Steam copies of Terraria could opt into the beta[2]. Mac and Linux users who chose to enter this open testing phase were asked to join the Open Beta Testing Feedback Group on the forums to provide feedback and bug reports.

While was released early due to the lack of sensitive "spoiler" content in its prerelease, open betas are not expected to become standard for testing of future updates.

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