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奖励+5 范围
大小2格宽 × 2格高
使用时间14 很快速度
Mount Minecart (wooden).png Mount Minecart.png Mount Mechanical Cart.png
Minecart in action.

矿车轨道是可放置的 家具型物块,可以作长距离快速运输。当它们彼此相邻放置时它们形成连续的轨道,并且当对角放置时形成斜面。它们不能允许玩家在上面行走因为你会直接穿过它们尽管它们可以使用爪钩进行擒抱。 When the player is nearby a track, the 坐骑 hotkey or right-clicking a point on the track causes a minecart to spawn, which the player is automatically placed in. Once inside, the right and left direction keys either accelerate, decelerate, or reverse the cart's movement. The cart can also "jump" with the jump key. To exit the minecart, which makes it despawn, the player can use a hook, right-click the buff icon, or press the mount hotkey. It will also despawn if the player jumps off the tracks, lands on blocks, and attempts to move sideways.

Weapon and tools (as well as any other item except 抓钩) can be used while riding a minecart.

Minecart variants[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

电脑版 电脑版独有内容:此信息适用于电脑版泰拉瑞亚

Minecart Tracks will always spawn at least a wooden minecart when right-clicked. In order to travel faster or add capabilities, a minecart variant below can be placed in the minecart equipment slot of the player's inventory, which will replace the default minecart that spawns on minecart Tracks.

Item Description Source Max Speed Acceleration Time
Default Minecart Your basic wooden minecart Right click a minetrack. 51 mph 6 seconds
Minecart.png 矿车  Faster than the default 15 铁 or 铅锭铅锭
10 木材木材
66 mph 5 seconds
Mechanical Cart.png 机械货车 电脑版 Much faster.
Fires lasers at nearby enemies
103 mph 4 seconds
Track ends.

Track end[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

When the end of the track is reached, the minecart will follow one of three behaviours, depending on the state of the final Track tile. The final Track tile can be shaped using a , which will cause it to cycle through closed, open, and bumper states.

  • The closed state resembles a wooden fence, and causes the minecart to stop harmlessly when reached.
  • The open state resembles ordinary Track, and causes the minecart to run off the track. Fall damage will be incurred as usual, if there is a sufficient fall after leaving the tracks, unless the cart lands on minecart Tracks again.
  • The bumper state resembles a metal fence, and causes the minecart to reverse direction on impact.

Intersections[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Two separate intersecting track lines can be connected together into an intersection, using a , which will then be capable of allowing a Minecart to switch from one track to the other.

You can switch tracks on-the-fly by holding the up or down key as you travel through an intersection.

  • Intersections will automatically act as 机构s if 电线d. Activating them will toggle their default direction. 压力板轨道s can be used to create complex switching arrangements.
  • The default direction can also be toggled manually with a Hammer.
A track intersection mechanism.

Abandoned Mine Tracks[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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Minecart Tracks naturally occur in Abandoned Mine Tracks, spawning underground in long, continuous paths. These tracks will always have sufficient clearance for a player in a cart to ride from beginning to end unhindered, and often connect multiple larger cave systems. Note that the journey isn't guaranteed to be safe - the tracks may lead through pools of water long enough for the player to drown, and in deeper areas of the world can go through lava pools.

制作[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

配方[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

矿车轨道矿车轨道 (50 电脑版 / 30 Console only.pngMobile only.png)

用于[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

成就[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

Achievement Vehicular Manslaughter.png 开车谋杀
Kill an 敌怪 by running over it with a 矿车. 电脑版

备注[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Graphically, a player right-clicking a Track is automatically moved there via a 爪钩-type tool that appears to latch the track. This is always a basic gray grappling hook. No Hook actually needs to be in the player's inventory. If the player is using a dye, it will be applied to this hook.
  • Hitting an enemy will do 60-100 damage. The more speed you obtain, the more damage you do to enemies that are on the track. Note that you have to reach a certain speed to hurt the enemy.
  • When 水上漂靴 or any of its upgrades are equipped, a Minecart will not sink into water.
  • Pressing a direction while on the minecart or running over 增速轨道s only adds velocity up to a point. It takes a few seconds to gain full speed. Once the cap has been reached, the Minecart does not slow down unless it reaches an obstacle.
  • If you hit enemies at full speed and the collision kills it, you won't be damaged.
  • The collision damage seems to be unaffected by anything, but the critical chance seems to be the highest among the player's melee, ranged or magic critical chance.
  • Mixing water and lava together will not create obsidian if there is a minecart track submerged at the block which would otherwise become obsidian. It is likely to happen that, at the lower layers of the world, an Abandonded Minecart Track may spawn submerged in lava, making it impossible to dig through it using a Hellevator flooded with water unless the minecart track is destroyed.
  • It is actually possible to go beyond the speed limit (see above) by jumping with the minecart.
  • The player will fall through 平台s while in the minecart.

小贴士[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Be sure to exit a Minecart that runs off a high track before hitting the ground. It can be done by right-clicking the buff, using a 抓钩 or pressing R.
  • Using a 矿车 to build a skybridge is a very efficient mean of travel, and as a bonus, it doesn't block 陨石s.
  • To build a track without touching the ground, the tracks must be laid while mounted inside the cart (it is possible to use anything while mounted), as the tracks don't function as platforms and can't be walked on. This method is very effective, as the speed of the cart can be set to match exactly your laying speed, allowing to automate the process, requiring only that the mouse button stays pressed.
  • When activated, a 传送机 will affect all living entities in a 3x3 grid directly above its surface, not just what happens to be standing on it. Because of this, teleporters will also work while riding in a minecart. This is useful for getting around particularly troublesome obstacles, and for making complex switching stations.
  • Running on asphalt is faster than travelling on the rails, unless you use the 机械货车. Because of this, it is not a good idea to use minecarts on hardcore character difficulty (unless the player wants to use it for fun). However, a minecart track is easier and cheaper to craft, in addition to the fact that you don't need to press anything once at top speed.
  • Minecart tracks remain useful on hardcore character difficulty as means of AFK 坠落之星 collection, so long as they are built low enough to not spawn sky mobs.

参看[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

历史[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • Minecart generated tracks removing wires they go through.
    • Crafting recipe now creates 50 tracks instead of 30.
    • Abandoned Mine Tracks have been added to world gen.
    • Dedicated equipment slot for Minecarts, which can also be dyed.
    • Introduced obtainable Minecart item and 机械货车.
  • Tracks and Minecart Track intersections can no longer be triggered as rapidly. You can now turn when placing Minecart Tracks.